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24 Hour Comic Day

This saturday is 24hr comic day. If you're not familiar with it, 24hr comic day is essentially a day when comic creators work on comics for 24 hours straight, with the intended outcome being a 24 page comic. This year, Brad and Sean decided to participate (and Ben will be hanging out as well).

Upcoming events

Brad is going to be attending a couple events over the next couple months. First is the Pittsburgh Comic Con on April 16th and 17th. The show actually starts on the afternoon of the 15th, but he won’t be able to make it until Saturday. He’ll be there with his brother, Dave Samuelson, and their friend Jason Wright who is a colorist for a bunch of books from DC Comics and is a pretty awesome painter.

As the Grass Grows update

Lots of new stuff going on over at my site, As the Grass Grows. As you may have seen here at Spumoni Press, Gnonsense - the first book collectiion of my online comic strip - hits the virtual store shelves in a couple weeks (making it's debut at the Baltimore Comic Con). In addition to that, I'm changing my update schedule. Starting the week of August 30th, I'll be posting three strips a week.

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