"Gnonsense" available for purchase

For all you cats (and gnomes) out there who have been waiting to purchase the As the Grass print version, "Gnonsense," you are in luck! Buy away on the store page. Remember, the more books you buy, the greater the chance that gnomes around the globe will rejoice ... and guard your lawn.

If you still haven't decided just yet to purchase, here's a quick synopsis and quotes from a few other industry authors/artists to seal the deal.

Yard gnome out to save the world in new comic book collection

Devious masterminds, global disasters and rather mundane fodder are no match for the newest comic book superhero - a lawn ornament and his ragtag band of friends.

Gnorm, a neurotic yard gnome, and a cast of witty, charming and questionable characters has arrived in print format. "Gnonsense" ($14.95, Spumoni Press, http://www.asthegrassgrows.com) is the debut book of author and illustrator Brad Samuelson, who is the mastermind behind the online comic As the Grass Grows.

In this first collection of the adult- and kid-friendly online comic strip, Gnorm and his faithful sidekick, a dog named Jack, must do whatever is necessary to defend their yard. Whether it's an invasion of ants from below, birds from above or a strike that could destroy the gnomish way of life, no threat is too dangerous or too ridiculous.

Brad has been drawing cartoons and comics as long as he can remember. After self-publishing several comic books and drawing backup stories for other independent comic creators, he decided to put his experience with his day job as a web designer together with his love of comics to launch the online comic strip As the Grass Grows in 2008.

"I created As the Grass Grows because of the serious lack of gnome-related comics out there," Brad says. "There was a void that needed to be filled. Seriously, though, I love comic strips as an art form and I wanted to do an all-ages strip that my son could enjoy reading someday."

Brad lives in York, PA, (a quasi-suburb of Baltimore) with his amazingly supportive wife, son and their ever growing collection of gnomes.

For more on Gnorm the gnome and his zany antics, check out http://www.asthegrassgrows.com for fresh-out-of-the-oven adventures!

Garden-variety gnomes, this is not. Gnonsense is fun, funny, and proves that artist/author Samuelson is totally "gnormal." It should be required reading for all humanlings.
- Daniel m. Davis, Steam Crow | http://www.monstercommute.com/

As The Grass Grows is a gem.  It's one of those rare "classic-style" webcomics in a sea of tired sarcasm and forced edginess. Definitely worth a read.
- Mike Witmer, Pinkerton | http://www.pinkertonpark.com

An original, well-written, well-paced webcomic. Definitely worth a bookmark.
- Sean O'Connor, my robot friends | http://myrobotfriends.com