Next up, Baltimore Comic-Con

It's finally here! Baltimore Comic-Con is this weekend (Aug. 28-29), and this will be your first chance to see Spumoni Press in action. We each have something special for all of the convention-goers:

• Brad Samuelson will be launching his new book "Gnonsense," which is a complication of his "As the Grass Grows" online comic strips, plus a few special features. He'll be selling books and even autographing them as well. Even if you forget your wallet, he'll also be drawing free sketches!

• Sean O'Connor of My Robot Friends fame will be selling prints of his "friends," which come in all shapes and sizes. Sean will also be drawing free sketches for our visitors.

• Ben Woods will be selling copies of his first book, "The Developers," which delves into online privacy issues and social networking.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! You can also sign up to win a $50 Discover Card gift card, compliments of Spumoni Press. We will then be able to keep you posted on new art, new books and new craziness!